A to Z of Family Rights and Family Lives

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We have been collating an A to Z of Family Rights and Family Lives.

So many words, so many phrases – some useful, some jargon.

Acceptance, accessibility, Ass, Behaviour, Barriers, Battles, Care Workers, Charities, Circles of Support, Departments, Depression, Diagnosis, Education, Empowered, Equality, Facebook, Fight, Freedom, G*ts, Gin and tonic, Goals, Good Day/Bad Day, Health Services, Health Cuts, Haggard, Ignorance, Independence, Jungle, Judicial Review, Justice, Kicking Off, Kinship, Knowledge, LB Bill, Love, Lip Service, Mental Capacity Act, Magic Wands and Mountains to climb or move.

As we progress through the alphabet, we will add the posts


Do you have any that we have missed?  Or perhaps suggestions for letters we haven’t covered yet?

Get in touch and let us know.