One Page Profiles

How can a One Page Profile help?
One Page Profiles

What is a One Page Profile?

A one page profile is a summary of what matters to the young person and how to support them well.   A one page profile has just three sections.

  • Appreciation (what we like and admire about the person)
  • Important To (what is important to the person)
  • How to best support the person

What is their purpose?

  • They are a way for the young person to have a voice in how they are supported,
  • They are a way for the young person to have their strengths acknowledged and appreciated.  This raises self esteem and confidence.
  • They also show what is important to them as an individual acknowledged.
  • One page profiles are also a way for parents/carers to share their knowledge and expertise on how best to support their child.
  • One page profiles capture important information to enable teachers to personalise learning for each young person. This information enables teachers to be aware of the strengths, interests and specific support needs of their pupils.
  • One page profiles can also be used for other activities, such as youth clubs, for transport, for grandparents or carers.
  • One page profiles can be used to inform action planning and target setting, so that these reflect what is important to the young person and how best to support them. This can make targets more meaningful and relevant to the young person.
  • They are a way to share information between staff, for example when supply teachers have to cover a class, and to create a smooth transition from one class to another by giving the new teacher strategies to get the best out of each and every pupil. This is really useful in building up positive relationships, as the teacher has a prior knowledge of interests and strengths.
  • One page profiles grow and develop over the school year and can be the basis for more detailed person centred plans.

How do I find out more?  How do I produce one for my own child?


Further Resources and downloads

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