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Support Needed:

In late 2015/early 2016, we ran a survey to ask parents what support they needed when they were approaching or in crisis.  We asked what support they had had, how easy it was to find it and if it was of any use. Click here or on the image to go the report.



Stronger Together

In June 2016, we brought together families who had children and young people in Assessment & Treatment Units, or had recently had them in there.   We wanted to find out where the issues began, what support had been available, what support was needed and also what recommendations they had.  Click here or on the image to go to the report.


Independent Hospitals – Families share their experiences

We have heard so many heartbreaking and horrific stories over the last few years from  families who have loved ones held in inappropriate in-patient settings.   We decided to focus on two in-patient settings – Hospital X & Hospital Y.  Due to the number of people we have met with similar experiences we felt the bad practice their sons & daughters were subjected to was far more than coincidence.  Click here or on the image to go to the report

Families talk about their experience of independent hospitals - Justice Together