Training and Consultancy

Training & Consultancy

Bringing Us Together offer a variety of training workshops.

Meeting ExpectationsFamilies and Meeting Expectations.  Meeting the needs of this new market of customers with personal budgets and direct payments

A series of workshops for managers and staff for care homes, domiciliary care providers that aims to change hearts and minds. Delivered in a person centred positive way with humour and insight into the new generation of young disabled people with complex needs.

Long & Winding RoadThe long and winding road.  Our Journey

A two part person centred course for families with young disabled children. Where we are today, where we have come from and where we are heading.

Building resilience and communities. A positive look at disability using person centred thinking.

Planning for an EHC PlanPlanning for an EHC Plan

A one day course : Using the thinking behind a 1 page profile, supporting parents who are new to person centred tools, as a method for building confidence when first starting to produce an EHC plan. Empowering parents to work collaboratively with professionals by taking the lead on what information is important to the young person to have in their EHC plan.

Families who challengeHow to work with parents who challenge

A one day course:  Understand why parents challenge and look at different ways in which to improve your working relationship with families.  With the introduction of the Children and Families Act, there is a lot more focus on working with families so let us show you how you can move towards this.

Resilience workshops for familiesResilience for families

Looking at a variety of ways for families to improve their resilience.  We all need to be able to bounce back, let us share some top tips with you.


Focus Groups of SEND families

Focus Groups

We can also offer focus groups for providers, Local Authorities and other organisations hoping to find the views of families in a relaxed informal way.

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