11 Steps to Success – Step 9 to 11

We are now reaching the end of Alan Wilson‘s 11 Steps to Success.

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at steps 1 to 8 of the Steps.  How has it been going for you?

11 steps to success [01]Step 1 – Preparation

Step 2 – What are you good at?

Step 3 – What is good in your life now?

Step 4 – Wheel of Life

Step 5 – Dream time

Step 6 – What’s important

Step 7 – More Clarity

Step 8 – SMART goals

Today we are looking at the last few steps of the programme.  We are grateful to Alan for allowing us to share this with you, we really hope it has inspired some of you to set goals and make those changes you want in your life

Step 9 – Challenge your goal

Any goal that is worthwhile has to be a challenge. Could you review your goal and increase it by a value of about 10%?

Could you do more?  Did you initially start small as you were worried that too big was out of your reach?  Has your confidence grown at all?  Could you do more?

If so, write it down.  My revised goal is ……………………………………………………………………….

Step 10 – Rate your goal and commit

By now, you should be raring to get going with your new goal. But before you do, stop and ask yourself if this is what you really want and give it a score of between 1-10 (1 being that you’re not bothered either way and 10 being a must have). If you’re not scoring at least a 9 then you need to go back a few steps and find a goal that you really do want, or to consider how you can retain the basis of the goal but increase the score of achieving it to a 10.

To make way for this goal it sometimes helps to review your time commitment. But remember, it’s no good cheating yourself, because that is probably what stopped you achieving what you wanted in the past.

Write it down:

I (name) rate my goal a 10.

My goal is to



On completion of your goal – you must remember to celebrate your achievement.  This is the best part. Be good to yourself. Enjoy your success and celebrate in a special way.  During your celebration take some time to think back on what you have achieved. Write down everything you saw, heard and felt when you were successful – and keep it near you to remind yourself. If you do not use a journal, now is a good time to start one .

Step 11 – You are on a roll

Make the most of this euphoric period by going back to Step 7 and looking at the second highest topic. Before creating the next SMART goal you will need to review the scoring process to ensure that it is still the same as it was now you are in your new situation.

Having successfully made one large improvement in your life, you are now ready to go on and achieve your full life potential. It will help you if you write down your goals every day and revise them accordingly.

Having successfully achieved your goal of getting into the right frame of mind, you can now move onto the next phase of changing your life.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Joseph Cambell

How has it gone for you?  Are you achieving your goals?  Are you working towards them?  Has this short course helped you to prioritise what you need to be working on?

Let us know, we would love to hear.  If you have any feedback or questions for Alan, the creator of this programme, then let us know and we will pass them on.

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