What do Bloody Awesome Parents (BAPS) need?

Last week we launched our joint venture with My Family Our Needs – the amazing BAPS Blogging Awards.

The nominations have been flying in, in fact they have totally exceeded all our expectations already so we are absolutely delighted.

If you haven’t nominated anyone yet, entries close on 18th November 2016.  If you don’t know many SEND bloggers, then take a look at our list of SEND Bloggers (constantly being updated) and see which of those you enjoy.  There is quite a large list so you are spoiled for choice.

When we launched the Bloody Awesome Parents (BAPS), we were astounded by the amazing support we received from people who are not BAPS themselves.  And we didn’t want them to go unnoticed.

So, from this day forward, the people who support BAPS will become known as Bloody Reliable AllieS (or BRAS).

BAPS - Bloody Awesome ParentSBAPS need BRAS

Bloody Reliable AllieS (BRAS) are essential to all families.  BRAS are the people who make a difference; the people who empathise in a genuine way; the people who don’t just think outside the box but throw the box away; the people who see our children and young people for who they are, not what their label is; the people who recognise the value that BAPS bring to the table and the people who do everything they can within their own field to raise awareness and improve the services.

BRAS can be one of the biggest assets a family can have.

Are you one of them?  Do you know any of them?

BRAS can be nominated in our Practical Support for Families category.  This is the only category not just for BAPS Bloggers.

We need more BRAS

Perhaps you don’t fit into that category but still want to be involved to show your support.

There are still opportunities to be a part of this unique event including Sponsorship of the various categories.  We still have a few spaces left, the interest has been quite exciting for us.

Why should you sponsor the event?

  • Associate your organisation with our influential event
  • Gain access to SEND bloggers who have an established, genuine link to their audience
  • Position yourself as an organisation that cares and supports families of children with additional needs
  • Develop trusted and valued relationships
  • Generate brand awareness amongst parents and practitioners
  • Receive blog coverage and branding from the bloggers in your chosen Award category. Some blogs receive 100,000 hits a month
  • Promote your brand pre-, post- and during the event

Pop over to our sponsorship page for more details, we really cannot wait to hear from you.


Debs Aspland

Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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