BAPS Nominations 2018 – Newcomer

Here we go ladies and gents, we have finally closed the judging window for round one of the BAPS Blogging Awards.

In January, we will be sharing with you all the people nominated in each category.

In February, we will be announcing the final four blogs for each category – based on number of votes and judges decisions.

This year, we also wanted to share just one comment for each nomination to say why people voted for them.

BAPS nominations - NewcomerBAPS Nominations 2018 – Newcomer

A Life Less Ordinary with Autism

She is an amazing mother to her two boys. Life isn’t always easy for her and her partner but she rises to each challenge she faces with guts and determination and a touch of humour too. Her well written, honest and passionate blog represents this journey and shares information and stories that aim to help others in similar situations as well as raising awareness about autism for those that aren’t aware.

Autism Kids on Tour

This blog is amazing! It started last December and is written by a mother of two children, one of whom is autistic with sensory processing disorders. She doesnt let autism get in the way of showing them the world and blogs about their adventures with useful tips on how suitable activities are for children with autism. She also writes amazing articles to raise awareness of autism including brilliant but tear jerking articles from the perspective of an autistic child. The one called Non Uniform day is especially thought provoking and describes so well the feelings of an autistic child attending school on a day of change.

Autism with Love

This blog is a lovely mix of awareness-raising and campaigning about the various conditions that affect her family, and funny and heartwarming tales of everyday life with autism. She has built up a following on her blog’s social media through offering helpful advice, inviting guest bloggers to share their experiences and fostering a supportive environment for parent carers.

A Wheelie Great Adventure

She is a great campaigner – and now she’s got a new tool in her armoury, blogging! Love this blog and think it will prove a fab resource for those of us trying to get out and about

Little Blue Cup

He has started a blog about the reality of caring for three children (as the primary carer) with severe Autism, the highs and the lows, the depression he has struggled with, the isolation, the tears and the heartache, fighting the education system and the Health system as well as his own health problems. He encourages others to talk and share their lives and feel less isolated as many of us feel like we are the only ones that struggle as we do, but are afraid to admit it. An amazing and very brave Dad.

Living with a Jude

She has a lovely warm writing style and shares so much of her family life in a way that is so helpful to other SEND parents and reassures them that it’s OK to find it hard, to cry, to admit that you really struggle, and help them to fight for the help they need.

Living with Lennon

This women writes posts that are both informative and inspirational. She’s been through the worst thing a parent could imagine, loosing her child, yet she still has the time and commitment to her blog. Even now that the main cause of her blog has gone, she continues to touch the hearts of many by keeping her sons name loud and proud!

Mumma Grizzly Bear

Superb! .. such honest, funny, informative, inspirational blog. This lady has an amazing way with words, such a talent. Reading her blogs have encouraged me, uplifted me and given me hope when I’ve felt there was none….. thank you Mummagrizzlybear from the bottom of my heart… keep up your amazing work!

Nicole Francesca

Their blog is newish but one i always return to its honest about disability

Our Altered Life

Our Altered Life provides a real life view of life with a special needs child, all the ups, downs, good, bad. Charlie’s blogs are extremely insightful and impact all parents, regardless of their situation. This blog has changed the way I approach many of the situations in life and has given me a whole new perspective.

PDA Parenting

She has a rare talent in being able to portray her story and experiences and the emotional impact of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) on her in a way that is entertaining, poignant and sometimes hard hitting. She uses metaphors in her very descriptive and at time harrowing blogs. She informs, educates and raises awareness of PDA and leaves the reader feeling that she has empathy and understanding of those in the same situation.

Spitting Yarn

This blog is so beautifully written, it almost reads like prose.

The DRM Project:

She is just fabulous, I cannot get over how much she does to spread awareness, hope and positivity for families who have children with SEN she has rallied to make so many places more available to theese families and is just such an inspiration!

This Little Boy of Mine

Inspirational to both parents with and without kids with autism, fabulous writing and honesty.

To Aufinity and Beyond

I love following their journey and I find the writing so raw and honest that I too get to experience the highs and lows of raising an autistic child. I have learnt so much from reading her blogs

90 days Dry Dreaming of Pimms

Entertaining, funny, inspiring, real and honest account of life with SEN! Thoroughly enjoyable and addictive to read.


What happens next?

The nominations are now with the judges.

The two blogs with the most nominations will automatically go through to the final. Our judges now have the difficult job of choosing the other two finalists for the next round of voting.

These will be announced on 12 February with the winner being announced at our BAPS Awards on 17 May 2018.

You will have the chance to vote for your favourite when the second round opens, so have a read through now; this will make your vote much easier.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the BAPS Awards while the Early Bird offer is still available.

Debs Aspland

Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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