BAPS Nominations – Practical Advice

Today we are sharing the blogs that readers nominated for offering the best practical advice.

When we think of bloggers, we often think of people just sharing their story.  As many of us know however, being a blogger also means being able to share your advice and talk about things you have tried.  Hearing from another parent how it went for them is a great way to see if something may work for you.

BAPS Nominations - Practical AdviceBAPS Nominations – Practical Advice

A Blog about raising my Autistic Son

Practical thoughtful suggestions but still funny

Actually Mummy

She supports our community with great balance of humour and practical advice

A Life Less Ordinary with Autism

An interesting, honest and very informative account of family life with a child with autism

Autism Kids on Tour

Brilliant practical help posts

Autism with Love

Her posts are honest and raw and a true account of life in the autism/ADHD household.

Born at the Right Time

She walks the walk as well as talks the talk and this authenticity shines through her blogs.

Emma 4 FACS

There would be so many women walking around in the dark without Emma’s blog about the effect of AEDs and what to do if you think your family has been affected.

Faith Mummy

Her blog, although focused on the lives of her autistic twins, contains lots of tips and tricks that other parents find helpful, from how to get the best out of an iPad, to how to successfully obtain an education & care plan.

First Time Valley Mam

Best read ever.

I am River

Her passion for inclusion and to help make a change in those who view differences as a negative thing inspires me

The Inclusive Home

Her blogs point out that inclusion in housing is essential to us all at some stage in our lives, and how changes in attitude could make a big difference to all. Her blog shares valuable advice on this as well as on any new experiences with equipment and on life in general

Isla’s Voice

She tells us what its really like in a day in her life with her child.  Offering an insight and advice that I find really helps.

It’s a Tink Thing

It’s a Tink thing is informative, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and always very well written

Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat

I have found her blogs very informative, entertaining and so funny

Little Mama Murphy

Her posts are thought provoking & inspirational

Living with a Jude

She has a lovely warm writing style and shares so much of her family life in a way that is so helpful to other SEND parents to help them to fight for the help they need.

Mama Unexpected

Her honesty, vulnerability and courage to support others by sharing her own harsh reality is inspiring but what I love about her most is she does it all without playing the victim card.

MS Parent Advocate

She shares all she can, a great advocate for any child with extra needs

Mummy and the Bubbas

She is a powerhouse of practical support, positivity, insight and general incredibleness!

Mum on a Mission

She gives great advice about all sorts of things – sleep, travel, keeping our kids comfy AND keeps us up to speed about fab new products.

My Daily Miracle

She makes the most of every opportunity to encourage other parents in their journey.

My Kid Loves Broccoli

She gets little sleep because her child seldom sleeps, but that doesn’t stop her from teaching as well as entertaining.

Our Altered Life

She is so down to earth and humorous in the way she relates anecdotes from her daily life, but also has many very practical suggestions for other parents dealing with similar issues.

PDA Parenting

Truly an empowering, resourceful and beautifully kind soul.

Someone’s Mum

Before I came across her blog, I didn’t know anything about autism despite having autism in my family. Through her fantastic Instagram feed, and blog posts I now see the world from her son’s point of view and I genuinely feel it makes me more aware of the little things I can do to be more considerate.

Steph’s Two Girls

Her blog is invaluable for parents, family members and friends of a child with PDA.

Yvonne Newbold

She discusses things that many of us worry about and shares so much practical advice, information and knowledge.


What happens next?

The nominations are now with the judges.

The two blogs with the most nominations will automatically go through to the final. Our judges now have the difficult job of choosing the other two finalists for the next round of voting.

These will be announced on 12 February with the winner being announced at our BAPS Awards on 17 May 2018.

You will have the chance to vote for your favourite when the second round opens, so have a read through now; this will make your vote much easier.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the BAPS Awards while the Early Bird offer is still available.

Debs Aspland

Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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