BAPS Nominations – Supportive Blogger

Today we are sharing all those bloggers who have been nominated for being supportive.

Supportive:  providing encouragement or emotional help.

One thing we love is the desire that some of the BAPS Bloggers have to help others.  This is an Arena we were not prepared for, and being able to find a post by another mum who has been in your shoes makes all the difference to many families.

BAPS Nominations - Supportive BloggerBAPS Nominations – Supportive Blogger

Actually Mummy

She does an awesome job supporting her daughter & wider t1 diabetes community with a great balance of humour & practical advice.

A Life Less Ordinary with Autism

The heartfelt and honest posts in this blog have made me feel like I’m not alone in a very difficult world of being a mom to a child with autism.

Autism with Love

She is really friendly and approachable and likes to help others. She set up a Facebook community for her followers – in fact she has set up several. She’s also writing books to try and help others.

Born at the Right Time

She makes you laugh and weep in the same sentence and is incredibly encouraging whether or not you’re parenting special needs kids.

Brody Me and GDD

I first came across Laura through her campaign to get supermarkets to stock bigger nappies for disabled children. Her blogs are a delight to read, I have laughed and cried through many.

Definitely not the Waltons

Despite having more, more, more, a million times more than their fair share of problems, mostly caused by THE SYSTEM. she never ever fails to respond to her friends’ and other SEND bloggers’ posts of woe, be they big or small

Emma 4 FACS

She helps and supports families whose children have multiple disabilities caused by Epilepsy medicines taken in pregnancy. She has a Facebook forum that is used everyday by parents, requesting help and support and she is always prompt in responding.

Faith Mummy

She is always happy to speak to parents in private about their experiences and offer her support and advice.

First Time Valley Mam

She raises much needed awareness for Autism

I am River

River and his family are amazing and so inspirational 

It’s a Tink Thing

Blogs & facebook pages like ‘It’s a tink thing’ are one of those pages that not only tells it has it is but also gives it’s readers the chance to vent and share especially those who have been there, done that, to support those going through a tough time.

Joseph and his Amazing Spectrum Coat

She is a very supportive person making me realise that I am not on this journey alone and her blogs have given me hope

Little Blue Cup

An amazing little community and group who went out of their way to help my daughter and do the same for so many others

Little Mama Murphy

Her posts are inspirational

Living with a Jude

She spends so much of her time raising awareness and helping everyone that she can. 

Living with Lennon

Truly inspirational.

Mama Unexpected

She is a very talented writer alongside being a breastfeeding peer supporter and a student midwife – a busy lady! Her blog offers support and advice for parents of undiagnosed children and she also runs the ‘Girl Tribe’ facebook group, a place for mums to vent, celebrate, and be there for each other.

Mrs Brown

The friendly and warm way in Mrs Brown explores issues such as behaviour management, sibling rivalry and education while parenting a child with cancer has seen her readership and interaction grow both nationally and internationally. This genuine and honest approach has empowered her readers to reflect on their experiences and feel confident to share their stories on her platform.The blog continues to raise awareness and smash myths whilst giving individuals the strength and confidence to share their stories. 

Mum on a Mission

Her posts are almost always about providing support. When she’s not fighting for access and inclusion, she is giving “been there” advice. And I always find the “been there” advice the best kind when you’re a SEND parent. Someone who just gets it.

Mummy and the Bubbas

She has given me so much hope after a difficult year coming to terms with my own son’s special needs.

MS Parent Advocate

This blog has been my lifeline in the last year, it has made me laugh, made me cry when she has put in writing how I feel and can’t explain but most importantly she has made me feel like I am not alone.

My Kid Loves Broccoli

an informative funny blog about coping as a parent of a child with additional needs in a way all parents can relate too.

Nicola Francesca

fantastic blog great girl behind it shining a light on parenting a child with a disability

Our Altered Life

She is a huge support to other SEND bloggers.

PDA Parenting

This lady takes the time to not only read and validate a parents viewpoints but also to make you feel human again and no longer a failure

Rainbows are too beautiful

She has often Tweeted my posts before I have! She always seems to be looking out for others.

Revelations of a Slummy Mummy

She is inspiring and tells it like it is.

Steph’s Two Girls

She not only supporting the blogging community with her motivation and inspirational posts, but always shows that it is her love for her daughters that drives her on. She writes SEND posts but also supportive posts for mums and everyday family posts.

Stories about Autism

He  is supporting the families that follow him letting them know they are not alone

The Sun Will Come Up

Her simple honest blogs connect and make you feel known.

90 Days Dry Dreaming of Pimms

Her blog is thoroughly enjoyable and addictive to read.

What happens next?

The nominations are now with the judges.

The two blogs with the most nominations will automatically go through to the final. Our judges now have the difficult job of choosing the other two finalists for the next round of voting.

These will be announced on 12 February with the winner being announced at our BAPS Awards on 17 May 2018.

You will have the chance to vote for your favourite when the second round opens, so have a read through now; this will make your vote much easier.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the BAPS Awards while the Early Bird offer is still available.







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