BAPS of the Month – August and September

First of all, apologies for delay in getting this up on the site.  The joys of computers that do not want to play!  I think when we hit September, my Mac decided it was time for it to take a summer break (probably as it was used by children in the holidays and there is only so much Minecraft and Annoying Orange on YouTube a Mac can handle).  However, we have had a chat, a software update and a new laptop has been purchased for the children and we’re all back on board.

We are always so excited to share with you the winners of our BAPS of the Month so huge apologies to them, our sponsors and you for not being able to get this up before hand.

For those who don’t already know:

BAPS = Bl**dy Awesome ParentS.

It is always difficult to chose a winner – every one nominated is a Bl**dy Awesome Parent and deserves the recognition.  We are planning a way to address that in the future.

However, time to announce the winners of August and September.


BUT BAPS of the MonthBAPS of the Month – August

Our winner is the never-tiring Ian Penfold.

Here is why he was nominated.

 Ian not only supports his extra-ordinary family with learning disabilities and autism in anyway he can, he also strives tirelessly to improve things for other parents.

As Ian is so self-effacing and modest, I probably only know an eighth of what he does for others, which includes the following:

– writing survival guides to help other parents

– being a governor in a special school

-running a local support group for people with autism and learning disabilities

– advising NHSE as an expert by experience

– campaigning to improve lives of people with autism, learning disabilities or both

Ian will always help you if he can. Always there with a kind word and a can-do attitude, despite the challenges he faces in his own life.

Ian is definitely a well deserving winner of the BAPs of the Month.  He has helped us to write our CTR Survival Guide and is currently working on our Avoiding Crisis survival guide.  He is also one of our go to people if we are looking for ideas, advice or information.

BAPS of Month - SponsorsSponsor:

Our August award is kindly sponsored by My Life Raft and Community Living Magazine.

BUT BAPS of the MonthBAPS of the Month – September

Our winner is the amazing Beth Morrison.

Here is why she was nominated.

Beth fights at local and government level for kids with ASN to be free from seclusion and restraint.  

She is battling to change legislation and to ensure the relevant guidance and training is in place

As this is something which sadly impacts so many families, we believe she is definitely a Bl**dy Awesome Parent.  It’s also good to know about the people behind the campaigns and to publicise them so parents know they are not alone and people are trying to help.

BAPS of the Month Sponsors - JanuarySponsor:

Our September award is kindly sponsored by My Life Raft and Choice Support.

What does our BAPS of the month win?

None of this would be possible without our generous sponsors.  As well as being told that other parents think they are Awesome, they receive a £20 gift voucher ((courtesy of either Choice Support or Community Living Magazine) and a lifetime premium subscription to My Life Raft (along with a one to one telephone coaching session from their team to help you get to grips with how it works)

BAPS of the Month – October

BAPs of the Month - October 2018
So who do you think deserves to be our October BAPS of the Month?
Click here to go to our nomination form – it takes two minutes to complete.  Let someone know how much you appreciate or admire what they do.


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Debs is one of the co-founders and Directors of Bringing Us Together. She is mum to three child with a variety of SEND and has a great husband.

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