BAPS of the Month – January winner!

Last month, we launched a new award.  The BAPS of the Month Award.  For those who missed it, BAPS = Bl**dy Awesome ParentS.

We had some really lovely nominations.  All of them deserved to be winners.

However, we had the task of choosing just one.  To make it easier, we went for the person with the most nominations – so many people voted for this BAPS that it was difficult not to choose them.

BUT BAPS of the MonthBAPS of the Month – January

Our winner is the lovely Julie Newcombe.

Here are some of the comments people had about her.

Julie is the most amazing, incredible and inspiring lady.
She is constantly helping others and tirelessly works to put an end to the cruelty our sons/daughters face.
Julie is a beautiful lady inside and out and she truly deserves recognition for her help, support, knowledge and time that she dedicates to others 
This beautiful lady is a wonder. She not only fought hard for her son but fights for so many people.
I absolutely wholeheartedly vote for this fabulous amazing warrior mum
Julie the inspirational mother of a young person with autism and learning difficulties with significant needs, and an ATU veteran.
She is a long-standing, indefatigable campaigner (7days) and supporter of parents who are facing similar challenges (An Ordinary Home forum and 1:1 support and advocacy).
Julie gives of her time and energy selflessly to help others less able to advocate for themselves.
She is one of the most can-do people I have ever met. If she can help she will.  
She is clever, positive and insightful.  
She must have helped hundreds of families but is very modest about her considerable skills.
She is very self-effacing, so it would be great for her kindness, skill and hard work to be recognised in this way.
As you can see, choosing this lady was quite easy.  We know the work she does behind the scenes and how proactive she is to making a difference for families.

What does our BAPS of the month win?

Julie, you are truly worthy of being our first ever BAPS of the Month.
BAPS of the Month Sponsors - January
We will be in touch because as well as people telling you how much they appreciate you (which is always lovely), you have also won £20 Amazon voucher (courtesy of Choice Support) and also a year’s subscription to My Life Raft (along with a one to one telephone coaching session from their team to help you get to grips with how it works).

BAPS of the Month – February

So who do you think deserves to be our February BAPS of the Month?
Click here to go to our nomination form – takes two minutes to complete.  Let someone know how much you appreciate or admire what they do.

Debs Aspland

Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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