BAPS of the Month – November and December winners

Where did the year go?  One minute we were in November with weeks to go until the end of the year and then somehow here we are in February!  It feels as if a few months disappeared without us even realising.

Apologies to the winners, sponsors and those who nominated BAPS in getting these results out.

Survival Guides:

As some of you will have seen we spent most of December and January getting the Crisis Prevention Survival Guide ready for publication so everything else took a back seat as we knew how much the contents of the guide would help families.  We are also just finalising a Survival Guide to the SEND system – as you can imagine, that has been a lengthy old piece of work but we’re almost there and the feedback we have had from those who have seen it so far has been very positive.

BAPS of the Month – November

The BAPS of the Month – November is sponsored by Choice Support and My Life Raft.

BAPS of the Month Sponsors - January

Our winner for November will be known to several parents who have children in the SEND system.  It is the lovely Tracy Beadle who many of you will know through her work as a Case Manager at Educational Equality.

Tracy is a parent who totally understands the world of SEN.  She is a case manager for Educational Equality offering support and advice to families.  She helps families who are facing battles with the LA and Schools, battles that should not exist because no one should have to fight for their child’s right to an education.  

Tracy is not just there for the practical advice but also understands the challenges personally so she appreciates how emotionally exhausting the system can be. She really is a bloody awesome parent.

I was delighted to see Tracy nominated.  I know how hard she, Evelyn and the other advocates at Educational Equality work for families, even when they are going through some battles with the system in their personal lives.

Well done Tracy.

BAPS of the Month – December

The BAPS of the Month – December is sponsored by Community Living Magazine and My Life Raft.

BAPS of Month - Sponsors

Our winner for December is the amazing Parmi Dheensa.  Again, many parents, especially those from ethnic minority communities will know who Parmi is.

Parmi is the founder and Executive Director of the charity Include Me Too, whose vision is a disability inclusive, rights friendly society.  As a mother of a child with a disability she is also dedicated to championing the rights and entitlements of disabled children from a black, Asian and minority ethnic background.

She has over 20 years experience of working in the areas of disability, equality, diversity, participation, human rights, community engagements and inclusion.

She advises government officials, local authorities and providers on disability equality, participation, inclusion and rights issues.  She has also developed mental health, family support, women support services and managed several campaigning programmes.  She was a speaker at the UN Geneva Social Forum in 2016, reviewing Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilites.

This lady never seems to stop.  In the past, Bringing Us Together have worked with Include Me Too on a few different projects and we always walk away thinking “we need some of that energy”.

Well done Parmi

We will be in touch with the winners as they receive t a £20 gift voucher along with a lifetime subscription to the My Life Raft site.

Top Tips

Keep an eye on the site as we will be publishing two new leaflets this week.  They offer top tips to families and top tips to providers on how to make those relationships work when they are supporting a loved one.

We think you will like them.  They definitely offer some top tips.


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Debs is one of the co-founders and Directors of Bringing Us Together. She is mum to three child with a variety of SEND and has a great husband.

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