BAPs of the Month – October 2018

How did November arrive so quickly?  Is it just me or does anyone else feel that this year has just disappeared very quickly?   Getting the post up for our BAPS of the Month – October 2018 was delayed due to the joy of technical issues.  Don’t you just love websites?  So apologies to those who have been waiting for a response.

For those who don’t already know:

BAPS = Bl**dy Awesome ParentS.

As always, it is so difficult to choose a winner from those nominated.  Each and every one of them is worthy of the BAPS of the Month.  This month though, we received our first “couple nomination” so we had to go with them.  Katie and I often say how much more difficult it would be for us without our other half to pick up the reins occasionally.  Then again, we do also say how they can drive us insane!   Swings and roundabouts, people!


BUT BAPS of the MonthBAPS of the Month – October

Our winners are Marie and Mike Pritchard.

Here is why they were nominated.

 They are Awesome Parents to a Son and a Daughter who is special and needs lots of support.

They are faced with many difficult decisions and always make the best possible choices to give both their children a loving,happy,healthy,secure and active life.

In addition to this, they fund raise for S.W.A.N UK which is a charity close to their hearts and who Marie is a parent rep for.

Their Daughter has a syndrome without a name SWAN and they work tirelessly to support the charity for themselves and other parents of children with additional needs.

They are Awesome Parents to 2 Awesome children!

Like many parents, finding the right support network makes a lot of difference and it’s so great to see them doing all they can to help SWAN and fellow parents.

What does our BAPS of the month win?

BAPS of Month - Sponsors
We will be in touch because as well as people telling you how much they appreciate you (which is always lovely), you have also won £20 Amazon voucher (courtesy of Community Living Magazine) and also a lifetime premium subscription to My Life Raft (along with a one to one telephone coaching session from their team to help you get to grips with how it works should you want it).

BAPS of the Month – November

There is still time to nominate a BAPS for our November BAPS of the Month?
Click here to go to our nomination form – it takes two minutes to complete.  Let someone know how much you appreciate or admire what they do.
Our November award is sponsored by My Life Raft and Choice Support


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