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Deaf and English

Hello everyone!

profile102 I try explain, I have 3 different languages British Sign Language BSL, English and speak communication aid called DynaVox. My brain full BSL and change to write English on DynaVox use every days make me tired, slow and difficult.

My experience with English, I went to mainstream school grown up but my supports staffs had no time taught me how is improve with English because busy in school. My mother told school please teach English for many years but never happened. Grown up I was lazy use DynaVox because I was scared people didn’t understand I was saying it and I didn’t know how was writing English. I remember one time, I had GCSEs exams in room with 2 supports staffs and 1 person watch me. I saw exams paper I thought I can’t read and write make me sick and dizzy. It was so terrible! When I was 17, I went to mainstream college. I did study Health and Social Care and 1 person taught me how improve English it was fantastic, I felt better and make me confident with English but I had exams failed 3 times because people didn’t understand about deaf. I left to college, my mother was trying to find teacher English for me. Few months ago, new teacher English came to my house I was so excited it. But he was not coming to help with me because he didn’t understand about deaf again and I think he was bastard attitude.

I need to learn how improve English and strong words because I want fantastic job in the future this is important for me. I think it is better to go to deaf college somewhere. If I confident to write my blog make to show people.

I believe use BSL and English this is equality everyone!

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  1. tracey crutchfield says:

    Nadia, you are an inspiration. You face so many obstacles in your life yet this does not deter you. There must be somebody out there who can support you in the way you want / need. I would read your blog. p.s I love that you write it as it is ‘bastard attitude’ , their loss is all I can say. Keep fighting and I look forward to reading more from you xx

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