Bringing Us Together – Newsletter (April)

We may have appeared to be quiet over the last few weeks but we have been busy behind the scenes.  Firstly let us tell you about the changes to the website, we hope you like them.


We have added an events calendar (rather than using the forums which was getting confusing).  We are now busy loading up the events we know about (this includes training, workshops, conferences, focus groups – anything we hear about).

In addition, you can now upload your own event to the calendar – we have to approve it (to avoid spammers) but we aim to approve all of them within 24 hours.


There are loads of useful sites out there giving information to families on a regular basis so we have added feeds to these on our site.  You can visit our Newsagents and see the latest blogs on Education, Health, Social Care and Personal Development.    It does take a minute or two for the page to load as it looking for posts on several websites so why not put the kettle on and make a brew so you can sit and read them at leisure.


We have added a resource library which is much easier to navigate.  We have loaded all the resources from the site and Debs has the task of copying links over from our Pinterest boards to the Resource library – bet you wish you were her, hey!

In addition, we have added a simple form so you can tell us about the resources, products, websites, blogs, etc that you find useful – your “go to” sites, so we can add them to our library for others to use.

Web Chats

We held two web chats this month, one with Justice for LB and one with Jane McConnell from IPSEA.  Both were well viewed.  In fact, Jane’s web chat had nearly 900 views yesterday and has already received over 200 this morning.

On 15 May, we are hosting another web chat with Julie Revels from Church Park Consultants – Julie will be answering your questions about the role of a SENCO.  So many parents are confused, they hear one thing from someone and something different from another person.  Some parents are just not sure what their SENCO is there for.  Now, some people are blessed with amazing SENCOs and others, well, not too great.  You can ask your questions before the chat, if you are not able to attend.  If you would rather us post your question, so it is anon, then just drop us a line.

We have already been asked if we can organise one on Personal Budgets so we are working on this.  We are also going to run one on Community Circles – what they are, how to access them and the benefits – we are just confirming the date.

What other chats would you like to see?  What questions do you have but every time you ask people, you get different answers?  What subject do you want some clarity on?

Would you like to host a web chat – do you have a topic you think families and practitioners may be interested in, again just get in touch.  We would love to hear from people.

What else?

We really want this site to work for you, so get in touch and let us know what you think and what would help you?








BuT Site Admin

Debs is one of the co-founders and Directors of Bringing Us Together. She is mum to three child with a variety of SEND and has a great husband.

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