Category: Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are an essential focus for us.

The wellbeing of our parents and carers is vital but often neglected and considered not important. At Bringing Us Together we consider all our parents and carers as important in the vital provider role they have.

Our emotional, mental and physical health is constantly under threat due to the strain and stress we experience as parents.

Our workshops on health and wellbeing bring realistic discussions, advice, support and sign posting. We like to bring some fun, some realness and some hope all in a safe space.

From a holistic view to an A to Z guide in health and wellbeing, we are passionate about helping to build resilience and resources. We want there to be light at the end of the tunnel so that families stay strong and connected.

We love what we do, we as a team all have lived experiences as well as strong professional backgrounds. From our perspective we want families to thrive not just survive. We want change from the inside so that we can support change from the outside.


Did I really once say; “I’d never worry about the summer holidays again?”

We are all facing 6-weeks summer holiday but many of us are facing it differently. It’s 6 wonderful, glorious, exciting and energetic weeks where creative play, lie-ins and coastal breaks are planned! Or is...