Day 104 – Family Rights, Citizenship & Mental Capacity Act (Workshop)

We are supporting Justice for LB today by co-sponsoring day 104 of the 107 day campaign as part of our Family Rights, Citizenship & Mental Capacity Act project.

We are hosting a workshop today with Simon Duffy (Centre for Welfare Reform), Pippa Murray (IBK Initiatives) and The Cameron Trust.  We are also delighted to have Sally Warren from Paradigm joining us to participate in the day.

drivers seatThe Justice for LB campaign highlights our fears as parents. It has had a profound impact on many of us and has brought us together as we reflect, feel emotional and share our fears. Each of us knows that this could happen to our own young people. We are fearful that our young people’s voice will be lost, that they will not be listened to and that families will be left out of vital decision making.

  • What happens to our young people when we are dead or no longer able to look after them ourselves?
  • How do we keep them strong and supported to make decisions that have a huge impact on their lives?
  • How do we keep our young people safe as they grow up into a world that is full of prejudice, fear, abuse and discrimination?
  • How do we keep their voice at the centre?

For many of us our years of involvement and knowledge of our own children and the systems they encounter brings us a deep insight into our children’s well-being. We know what makes them happy, how they communicate and what support they need. We know what they are trying to say and we work hard at sharing that information with others. However, only too often that is missed and our young people are misunderstood and problems arise. We want our young people and adults to be independent with a safety net.
We want our children and young people to grow up knowing and feeling what it is like to be in the “driving seat” and to understand the real power of making decisions, what good looks like, and what support they need to be part of their communities.

Our event to mark 104 day of Justice for LB will give families the opportunity to talk about and share stories of:

  • What can we do practically amongst the madness of the system? Together we will explore the problem
  • What would we like the system to do to be less mad? We will look at the system and what is working and what is not.
  • What are we going to do? Keep ourselves strong in a very difficult situation

Through telling our stories and using positive ways that families have used it plus ways in which it has been abused will enable families to learn from one another.

So what is being discussed at our workshop on #familyrights?

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