Did I really once say; “I’d never worry about the summer holidays again?”

We are all facing 6-weeks summer holiday but many of us are facing it differently.

It’s 6 wonderful, glorious, exciting and energetic weeks where creative play, lie-ins and coastal breaks are planned! Or is it? Is it a dread that is exhausting before the last day of term even arrives?

For us the reality is mixed; there is some of the exciting things as above but there are also the challenges of endings (regardless of preparation), structure is abandoned and new softer routines in place, financial burdens, constant organising and firefighting and anticipatory anxiety from start to finish.

Changes are constant, stimulation is less and boredom and frustrations are mixed up together with restless behaviours that demand more of our time to manage.

Not long ago I stated boldly and maybe over confidently that I would never worry about the summer holidays again. Yes I actually said that.

In my defence (and I do have one); I was bathing in that gem of a feeling that happened when my boys went back to school and college after a year of lock down. So on the back of that exuberant feeling; knowing that we’d made it through that condensed time of uncertainty, separation, isolation and homeschooling; I really did feel that was an accurate statement at that time.

At that time! And now we are here.

This year we have continued curve balls to navigate.

Being a parent requires project management skills that can run mini worlds but this year feels a little more complicated with the looming shadow of Covid so even if clubs or services are opening and providing; there is the consideration of what Covid policies are in place?

Then we have a very different summer holiday reality for many who still have to be extremely hyper vigilant and even remain shielding. We mustn’t forget that some families remain in a very difficult situation and have less freedom that many of us.

These summer holidays feel like they are filled with many mixed feelings.

Summer Holidays

This is definitely a time of being flexible and absorbing more changes, more needs, more needed attention and anything else that arises.

Work hours may have to be reduced affecting income, one person maybe the main caregiver 5-days a week and it can be exhausting.

I’ve never been so grateful to be on social media as I do at the moment where I can access support groups. Groups where other parent’s help me with my thinking, help me make decisions by sharing their experiences, places to go and top tips.

I do feel blessed to love my children as much as I do but I am also under no illusion that the 6-weeks throws in a lot of extras, giving me even more balls to juggle and making the tough a little tougher.

How are you feeling about the summer holidays? Have you planned? Are you taking it a step at a time? Do you love them? Are you counting down? Are you somewhere in the middle?

What are your survival tips?

I feel more blog posts sharing ideas would be great right now.

Take care and stay safe.

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