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Community Living Magazine

Community Living Magazine is supporting Justice for LB.  Subscribe TODAY & Community Living magazine will contribute 10% of any subs taken out.  Contact Rose on 01257/270430 or rosecli@btinternet.com

ANNUAL SUBS:  £30 personal, local charities and small local private organisations (£7.50 per quarter).  £23 unpaid carers, unwaged and those working 10 or fewer hours per week (£5.75/quarter)

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UK Winterbourne Network has launched.  

Jan-netThis network is open to anyone with an interest in the Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme.  For further information contact Janet Cobb on janet@jan-net.co.uk
Free membership to join log on to www.jan-net.co.uk.  Find out more about Jan-net networks 2014 – a great way to keep in the loop

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Care Act 2014

Prof. Luke Clement has produced an overview of the key points of the new Care Act 2014.  It makes interesting reading and a great resource for families

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Legal Web Chat 

Justice for LB hosted a really great web chat with Steve Broach on Monday evening.  Steve took questions on the law and responded in his usual “real speak” way.  You can read the details on the Justice for LB site

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Bringing Us Together – upcoming Webchat

Annabel MacGregor from Calderdale Pathfinder will be joining us on 3 July at 3pm to host our latest web chat.

Web Chat

Annabel has worked in the field of SEN funding for Post 16yrs through teaching and management roles within further education. She has also been working locally in supporting the Preparing for Adulthood element of the Pathfinder process working with and supporting families of young people going through transition. 

In addition, Annabel worked with other Local Authority teams and external partners in Calderdale to test the proposed reforms. This included the development of EHC plans and the new funding mechanisms and working with post 16 providers to help them understand and implement the reforms. She also manages the contract with the careers service in Calderdale and am working with them to understand and become more outcome focused and is the Lead for the Local Offer.

So if you have any questions on SEN funding for post 16 provision, join us on 3rd July or if you cannot make it, you can post your questions before the event in our forum.  Annabel will try to answer as many questions as possible.  Please add your name to the comments in the chat.

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Local Offer

If you want to find your Local Offer, Bringing Us Together have put together a list of all the LA Local Offers we can find together with any consultations taking place.  This is part of our True Consultation project.  We are interested in finding out if, how and when people are consulted.

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Bringing Us Together are really keen to hear what people know about Person Centred Thinking, Planning, Reviews, etc.  Let us know by taking a 2 minute poll on our site.

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Master Mind Group – Walking the Walk

BUT Walking the WalkBringing Us Together are launching a Mastermind Group – a group of proactive people actually walking the walk, rather than talking a good talk.

We are looking for members to join us – free.  The idea is that we will work cohesively on a particular issue and ensure that we are not all duplicating the work.  So many projects start and are then duplicated but with all the work involved, we often never reach the end line.  We are hoping that the MasterMind groups will bring us together to make a difference.

You can express interest without commitment.  We will be taking expressions of interest until the end of July and then over summer we will be contacting everyone with the aim of starting our first group in September.

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Please get in touch if you have news you would like to share via our newsletter.  If you have a project, a consultation, an event or any news you think may be of interest to families of children and young people with disabilities and/or SEN, let us know.

Debs Aspland

Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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