Family Charter

In October 2018, a group of parents and providers came together to talk about their experiences. They looked in detail at the different perspectives of families and providers, the different issues faced by both and what had worked well but was not necessarily happening everywhere.

In March 2019, a sub-group of these parents and providers came together to look in more detail at what parents wanted, and what providers could provide, for their children, young people and adults in the community.

As a result, we came up with a Family Charter. What good looks like and feels like when support providers and families work together.

The Family Charter can be downloaded hereOr click on the image below

Family Charter for Stronger Together

Once you have read through it, if you believe that you, as an organisation, an individual working within an organisation or a parent, you would like to adhere to the principles and values within it, you can publicly declare your intention to do so.

You can sign up here.

As a provider, if you sign up, this will show parents and families that you are willing to work with them and agree that families have a role to play.

As an individual within an organisation, we would also ask you to forward this to your Management team and above and explain why you believe the organisation should be signing up to the Family Charter.

As a parent, we would also ask that you forward this to other families and organisations within your networks so we can increase the awareness.

Often, the changes families want and need do not necessarily cost more to organisations so please read the Charter and if possible, sign up and show your support.