GDPR – sorry, yet another one of those emails!

For those who have been hiding under a rock or avoiding their inbox for the last few months, there are big changes ahead for data protection.

GDPR announcementGDPR is about to go live

On 25 May, new legislation comes into force – the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – which will address the issues around data protection in the digital era.  The last laws came into force in the 90’s and when we think the first iPhone didn’t even exist then, we can see why changes are necessary.

In order to comply, Bringing Us Together has

  • produced a Privacy Policy to explain what we do with any data you provide us with,
  • produced a Cookie Policy to explain how you can opt out of cookie tracking and what we use cookie data for
  • stopped requiring you to provide your name and email just to comment on our blog posts
  • added a cookie pop up allowing you to opt out of non-essential cookies.

Mailing List:

We all join mailing lists and then see our inbox being overtaken by numerous emails.  Think of the GDPR introduction as a good opportunity to leave the mailing lists you no longer wish to subsribe to.

We have decided to start afresh and start a whole new mailing list.  Rather than sending out emails to everyone who had subscribed to the blog to ask whether they wanted to opt in, we decided this was a good opportunity to start afresh.  So, we are writing this post (for those who subscribe to post updates) and also emailed people who received our newsletter to let them know it will cease to exist as of 25 May.

We are offering you the chance to receive emails or newsletters (or both) from us.  All previous mailing lists will be deleted as of 25 May.

If you wish to still hear from us – then pop over to subscribe to our new mailing list and let us know what you want to receive from us.

Obviously, we want you to stay in touch but we do know how frustrating an overloaded inbox is (especially if your goal is Inbox Zero – something we hear people can achieve).



If anyone sends you an email saying you can change your settings to opt out, that’s wrong – all companies and sites should be giving you the choice to opt in to communication, not leaving it down to you to opt out.


We hope to be in your inboxes again soon.

BuT Site Admin

Debs is one of the co-founders and Directors of Bringing Us Together. She is mum to three child with a variety of SEND and has a great husband.

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