Getting Out – a report from Stronger Together families

Back in June, we held an event for Stronger Together families.  So much information was shared and so many families took time to share their experiences.

Stronger Together - Getting Out reportWe wrote about some of the comments on the day shortly after the event:

Why our children were admitted to an ATU

What we were expecting

What actually happened

However, we wanted to share more details with you including some recommendations.  We have therefore put together a report all about the event called “Getting Out – a Stronger Together project”

The report is now available to read/download.  Just click on the image below to be taken to the report

Getting Out - Stronger Together project

We have also added the Family Feedback.

We thought it was important for people to realise what a difference it makes for families to come together physically to talk about their experiences.  The virtual support is amazing and so many families use this but the one thing so many people said at the event was how good it felt to actually be in the same room with other families.

Please share

Years after Winterbourne, we still have over 3000 children and young people in units and families need your support to change this.  You may feel you cannot help, but just sharing this report on your social media or with colleagues may make a difference.  It will raise awareness of the issues families are still facing and who knows it may get seen by someone who actually can make a difference.




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