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Friday Question - in charge of ofsted


If you were in charge of Ofsted for a week, what questions would you ask schools about their SEND provision?

This was a popular question so we have summarised the responses as many asked the same question.

  • How many children have you asked to stay at home today as our visit would have been “too much for them”?
  • How many children have you arranged to take on a surprise school trip today?
  • Let’s look at all your B, C, D, I coded pupils etc and check with the parents they think the same as you, eg that they are off ill, or are actually being educated elsewhere.


  • How many children with SEND have left your school since our last visit?
  • How many children with SEND have left your school since our last visit as the parents believed you were not meeting their needs?


  • How do you ensure true inclusion?
  • Do all children with SEND take part in activities outside the school – field trips, residentials, etc – without their parent having to attend?


  • Can I speak to any parent with a child with SEND in your school, could I randomly select one?
  • How much notice do you take of parents input?  
  • How do you involve the parents?
  • Do you have any restrictions on communications with the school for parents?


  • Can I observe your children with SEND for a while and see evidence of how they are supported?
  • Can I see their support plans before I observe them?


  • Can I meet your SENCO without management being present?
  • Is your SENCO actually qualified as a SENCO or is it someone else in the management team with the qualifications who oversees them?
  • Can I meet the Governor who has overall responsibility for SEND


  • How are you assessing a child’s SEN?
  • How are you evaluating if you are meeting their needs?


  • Do you actually have any SEND provision?


  • What is your biggest challenge in meeting the needs of and including children with SEND?
  • What would help you to meet the needs of and include children with SEND?


What questions would you ask that haven’t already been asked above?

Friday Questions

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Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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