Is your loved one at risk of inpatient admission?

Following ITV’s This Morning’s 2 January 2017 broadcast, Isabelle has written this for families who are worried that their loved one with autism, learning difficulties or both might be at risk of specialist hospital inpatient admission.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully might offer a helpful starting point in getting further information, support and advice.

Is your loved one at risk of inpatient admission - learning disability and autismHas your loved one had a care and treatment review?

If not, they may well be entitled to one. This guide, written for parents by parents, might be helpful:

What are my loved one’s rights if they are sectioned?

Where can I find parent-led advice, information and support?

·      AN ORDINARY HOME: Online forum offering support, resources and campaigning for people detained in assessment and treatment units, secure hospitals, locked rehab units

·      BRING THEM HOME: Family-led campaign and support group for families of loved ones with learning difficulties, autism or both who are – or have been –  in inpatient settings

·      STRONGER TOGETHER:  Facebook group providing information for families of loved ones with learning difficulties, autism or both who are – or have been –  in inpatient settings:

Which Charities can offer advice, information and support?

·      CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR FOUNDATION: Support for families with loved ones who have SEVERE learning difficulties and behaviour that challenges.

·      MENCAP DIRECT: for families with loved ones with learning difficulties (with or without autism)

·      MIND: advice, information and support for adults (18 years+) with mental health difficulties and their families

·      NATIONAL AUTISTIC SOCIETY: Autism Helpline for families with loved ones with autism (with or without learning difficulties)

·      YOUNG MINDS: Advice, information and support for parents of children and young people (under 18 years) with mental health illnesses

Where can I get legal information and advice?

·      CASCAIDr (Centre for Adults’ Social Care – Advice, Information and Dispute Resolution): Online advice regarding the Care Act, and health, social care and human rights law

·      RIGHTS IN REALITY: Public Law Barrister Steve Broach’s blog, which provides legal information for children and adults with disabilities and their families, also has a useful list of SOLICITORS with expertise in disability and SEN cases

You may prefer to download this list as a pdf.  Please click here to go to the pdf download.

Isabelle Garnett

My pre-children years were spent in Editorial, first in books and then in journals. Then, when my son was diagnosed at a young age, volunteering in my local school became a career as a special educational needs practitioner. I became the Lead Practitioner for Autism across a Federation of mainstream primary schools, running its Autism Support Team. I was Secretary at my local NAS branch for many years and ran several local parent support groups. When my son hit crisis point and was admitted to an acute treatment unit as an inpatient, I mounted a campaign for him to receive appropriate treatment and care in the community. Now, I am campaigning and working collaboratively with ‘Stronger Together’ families, NHS England, charities and other partner organisations to ensure that ‘Homes not Hospitals’ become a reality for all people with autism, learning difficulties or both.

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