Jenny says….. Can NHS England Personalisation and Transforming Care work together please?

We are delighted to bring to you the first in a series of guest posts from the fabulous Jenny Carter. You can follow her on Twitter by clicking on the link on her name.

Jenny is passionate about self advocacy and personalisation. She is also one of the leads for self advocacy on Wirral and one of the Directors of Together All Are Able.

She is always busy (just follow her on Twitter and you will see what we mean) but she has also been very firm with me about making sure I schedule fun and laughter as well as just the jobs that need doing.

Jenny says it as it is.  One of our favourite tweets was when she was explaining what an easy to understand video should look like.

It’s not rocket science but somehow these pieces of work end up taking months when they can be achieved in a much quicker and more accesible format as Jenny says.

Each month, Jenny will tell us about her concerns about the system or the work she is doing to make a difference.

Jenny Carter - Guest posts for Bringing Us TogetherThis month, Jenny is writing about her concern that the NHS England Personalisation Model Team and Transforming Care Team doesn’t seem to work together.

The Personalisation Modal Team includes Intergrated Personal Commissioning and Personal Health Budgets.  I strongly feel that if they did work with the Transforming Care team, we would be further down the line with Transforming Care.  This is because the Personalisation team have some of the answers that would help get people out of Long Stay Hospitals and Assessment and Treatment Units.  Also it will help to avoid admission too.

I was speaking to one of the members of our Transforming Care partnership and was asking if the person had heard of someone and the person said no.  This concerns me as this person works over both Transforming Care and the Personalisation Model teams.

Cheshire West and Chester is a pilot site for Intergrated Personal Commissioning and our Transforming Care Partnership needs to help make this to happen.

I also don’t really see them working together locally or nationally.  I asked one of the National Transforming Care Advisors who also has a Learning Disability if the person had heard about Intergrated Personal Commissioning and the person said no.  This to me is very worrying.  This is because of what I said about earlier.

On the positive note I posted a tweet saying that Anne Webster national Transforming Care Team and James Sanderson who is the Director to follow each other and they now do.  Though I can’t understand why they needed me to say that.  

I am also glad that our Transforming Care Partnership have picked up what Warrington are doing regarding end of life.

My call, this month,  is to say “please please please work together” especially when Transforming Care only has until March 2019 and it needs to make progress.  Thanks for reading

A huge thanks to Jenny.  Here at Bringing Us Together, we too have concerns about Transforming Care ending next March.  It still feels like it has a lot of work to do before it disappears.

What about you?  Do you even know Transforming Care exists?


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