One Minute on Monday – 17 March 2014

Can you help?

BUT QuestionDo you have a minute to help with some questions in our forums or give your views in our chat rooms?

Is it possible to get a blue badge for behavioural reasons even if your child can walk? I have real problems getting my child in/out of cars and getting them to walk where they need to go safely. It always causes “upset”, so much so, we don’t really go anywhere!

What has your experience of CAMHS been?

We are also chatting about the removal of the Independent Living Fund and Do you understand what Personal Budgets are?.  Can you help?  Either go directly to the forum using the links in the questions or comment below the blog.

New for Bringing Us Together from April 2014

Bringing Us Together are delighted to introduce Web Chats to our site.  This is another chance to ask questions on specific themes.

In April we will be hosting two chats.  Very different topics but both very important for families.  You can post questions NOW to the forum (really useful if you cannot make the actual time and date of the web chat).  On the day, some of the questions will be answered online and others will be answered off line.  We will then be publishing  an “Asked and answered” web chat update for those of you who cannot make the date.

Justice for LB

justice for lbOn 1 April, 2014 – Sara Ryan, the mother of Connor Sparrowhawk (#justiceforLB) will be joining us at 7pm.  Connor was 18 years old when he drowned in the bath in an NHS specialist facility (Slade House Assessment and Treatment Centre run by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust) on 4 July last year. He had learning disabilities and epilepsy and should never have been left alone to bathe unsupervised.

The #JusticeforLB campaign has been put together to try and draw attention to his preventable death, ensure that people know about him and that change occurs. It is two years post Winterbourne View was exposed on Panorama and yet still young people with learning disabilities are sent to treatment and assessment centres with devastating effect.

Sara is running her Justice for LB campaign over 107 days and we are honoured to have Sara here as part of that campaign.

You can post your questions now on the forum.

Children & Families Bill – should you be concerned or happy?

Screenshot 2014-03-17 20.58.28 On 24 April, 2014, Jane McConnell, the Chief Executive of IPSEA will be joining us from 1pm.

Jane will be answering your questions about the Children and Families Bill. This Bill gained Royal Assent on 13 March and will come into effect in September 2014.

If you have a child or young person (0-25) with any special educational need or disability – with or without a statement, on school action or school action plus – this Bill will change things for you.

School Action and School Action plus are going, as are Statements of SEN.

Some of the changes are positive but there are changes which may not necessarily benefit all of our children.

You may have heard rumours, been given incorrect information or possibly don’t even know these changes are coming.

As a parent herself, Jane knows exactly what battles we face when it comes to educating our children.  Jane will answer honestly and candidly – this is one web chat you do not want to miss.

You can post your questions now on the forum.

Coming soon

In the forthcoming months, we will be hosting a Web Chat with Anna Kennedy, OBE (a hugely inspirational lady).  We will also be chatting with Julie Revels who will be answering questions on “What you can expect from your SENCO?”.  We will also be chatting about Community Circles with Helen Sanderson.

Who else?  Who would you like to chat with?  Let us know and we will be happy to approach anyone to ask them to take part.





Debs Aspland

Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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