One Page Profile – Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

A One Page Profile is supposed to be about your child, we know that.  The things that we love about them, the things other people say and admire about them.

Oh and their gifts and strengths.

We have been blogging about One Page Profiles on our website and social media.  So you hopefully will have got the message by now.

Now, I don’t want to sound like a fundamentalist but – unless we can start at the very beginning  we don’t actually get off to a good start.

So, I am going to take you back a step.

How about starting with you?

Yes, you.  The parent.  Number one.  Had you forgotten that?  You are the one that the air-hostess on the flight explains that you are supposed to take down the oxygen mask and put it on yourself before your child.  That means if the plane is going to crash you have to save yourself before you save your children.  It might come as a bit of a shock at first,  you may argue this fact in your head and think the air-hostess has got it wrong, then you get over the guilt and yes, it makes sense.

One Page Profile - let's start at the very beginningBack to the One Page Profile.  

Can you think of the things that your kids love about you?

  • Hard?
  • Do they ever tell you?  Not often!
  • Why don’t you ask them, ask your partner, or your best friend?

It feels strange.  It is not very British is it?  Stiff upper lip and all that.  But, go on.  Try it.

What have you got to lose?

“Hey, kids.  I am doing a bit of research for a project on Me.  What do you love about me? What do you like and admire about me?”  Once the kids have picked themselves up from the floor and they realise that you have not been drinking or taking drugs, and you are not ill with some deadly disease they will stop and have a think.  They then return to their homework, their phones, or their IPad.

That didn’t work.  Your partner comes in through the door.  “Hi, hun.  Did you have a nice day at work?  Just wondering, what is it you love about me?”  He/she looks at you and asks if you feel ok.  “Never felt better” is the reply.

This is not working quite as well as you hoped.  So you ring your best friend.  However, she is in the middle of making tea and you hear screams in the background.   This does not seem to right time to ask her.

You turn round and there is your dog.  He looks at you with his large, brown doggy eyes.  He loves you.  Unconditionally loves you.  His head lops on one side.  Time for a wee.  You let him outside into the garden.  He poos and you go and pick it up in one of those doggy/nappy bags.  You know why he loves you.

He loves you because you care, because you are always there, you are loyal, you work hard at taking him out on walks, you feed him, you water him, you even pick up his poo.

You smile to yourself.  You know you care, you know you are loving, you know you are a good friend, you know you are a damn good mum, you know that it if it was not for you your child would not be doing half the things they do.

How does that feel? 

Saying good things about yourself?  Not easy the first time.  How do you think your child feels thinking of what other people love and admire about them?  Not easy the first time.

  • When did your child last hear someone say what they loved, liked and admired about them?
  • When did you last tell your child the things you loved about them?

Let’s make a pledge together.  Every day I will say to my kids one thing I really love about them.  I may, however, have to practice on the dog first.

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3 Responses

  1. Barbara Ball says:

    I love this blog! It’s so true. Starting the meeting with “what do we all like (and admire – not entirely suitable for 2 year olds) about XXX?” is so powerful and changes the whole tone of the meeting. How often do parents come into school and feel that actually no-one likes their child very much, especially if they sometimes behave in a way which challenges adults.

  2. Love this, such a great idea – and yes, I would get all of those blank faces if I asked the question here 🙂

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