Our Black Friday Shopping

It is that dreaded time of year again. It always feels like a long winter ahead. My daughter has been ill with her first bad cold of the season for 5 days and night so I thought I would get organised and be prepared!

One of her claim to fames is that 8 years ago she was the first swine flu victim to be on intensive care and life support. We were on holiday in Northumberland at the time and found ourselves spending most of the summer at a hospital in North Tyneside 3 hours from where we live in Halifax.  She has narrow airways so any sore throat brings back some uncomfortable memories.

Our Black Friday Shopping #HarshReality

Our Black Friday shopping:

My own Black Friday shopping list for preventing admission to Accident and Emergency is the following:

  • A Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter. This fits snuggly onto the tip of a finger and records pulse and oxygen levels.  For all those of us who have sat next to hospital monitors we know how important it is to have a saturation level in the top 90s.  The Finger Tip Oximeter is also good for mums whose oxygen levels drop when they panic about whether to get an ambulance or not and their pulse goes sky high.


  • Forehead thermometer – every thermometer we seem to buy has a short life span so I thought I would get the cheapest this time. Easy to read and no need to go in the mouth or under any smelly sweaty armpits! Never like the thought of going under the arm and then into the mouth.


  • Supply of 10 boxes of soft tissues due to toilet rolls being far too hard when there is constant streaming nose.


  • Day and Night Nurse medication – My husband volunteered to try them out first. Not appropriate as they spun him out but that could have been due to the lager he had too.  He is continuing to take them! Sticking now to paracetomol for daughter so have umpteen boxes of them around the house.


  • Lemons to go with the natural Yorkshire honey – definitely a good drink for coughs and colds and we can use them in a gin and tonic without the honey.


  • Solution for the nebuliser on order as nearly running out. Nebuliser is a small machine that in our house is one of the best things I have bought and keeps daughter out of hospital. It comes with a mask and has a is a drug delivery device usedto administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. Nebulizers are commonly used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases or disorders.

Thought I would be smart and bought on-line hand santizer holder like they have in hospitals. We have so many people in the house that I thought if we should look professional and do all we can to keep germs at bay. However, I have got to send it back as it is ones like you get in pubs with soap rather than the hospital ones.

Phew, writing this sitting on the floor outside daughter’s room listening to her breathing. She has been sick and is sounding like a train going through a tunnel due to a stridor from her narrow airways.

Got the gin and tonic at the ready!

Thinking of all the mums and dads who are up in the night. xxx

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