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Nads, Katie and friendsRecently, Nadia Clarke advertised for a PA (Personal Assistant), it was great to see such a fun job description but also more impressive to see the high expectations that she has.

Great Job Opportunity for an Intrepid Personal Assistant to go on Weekend Road Trip

Job description:

  1. Fearless enough to get in the car on a Friday night and drive through 4 hours of rush hour traffic to go to Bristol for a meeting the following day.
  2. Good enough driver to do trip on own with me in the back of the car
  3. Brave enough to arrive at a hotel without having been before to check in after 11pm
  4. Still able to smile after a long journey
  5. Strong enough to lift my bags and yours straight into the hotel room
  6. Brazen enough to complain if the room isn’t right
  7. Assertive enough to ask for extras – towels, coffee, milk
  8. Positive enough to do all my personal care and have a laugh at the same time at 1130pm
  9. Organised so that when I am finally in bed, room is sorted and all my many batteries for wheelchair, communication aid, cochlear implant are charging overnight
  10. Slightly hard of hearing so able to sleep and ignore my unusual cerebral palsy night time groans and moans
  11. Early riser so can get dressed, sorted, packed up before getting me up
  12. Good at make-up and hair
  13. Fashionable and looking good – no point in me looking great if my PA has no dress sense
  14. Good at keeping on a low budget and taking me to working men’s café for breakfast
  15. Excellent time management and can get me to meeting with plenty of time to spare
  16. Plenty of stamina – able to go back to hotel, support me to get ready for a night out in a town we have never been to
  17. Not daft – orders a taxi for night on the town
  18. On the crazy side – supporting my flirting with plenty of eyeing up and chatting up guys
  19. Slim enough to take me to small loo in big nightclubs
  20. Loves music and dancing
  21. Likes staying up late
  22. Prepared to put me into bed at 415am
  23. Never complains
  24. Always positive
  25. Does not need much sleep
  26. Efficient and organised to get me up and raring to go on a Sunday without much of a lie-in
  27. Good driving skills to take us all the way back to Halifax on afternoon
  28. Likes same music as me for long car journey
  29. Arrives back and returns me to the bosom of my family safe and sound and does not breach confidentiality about what we got up to on Saturday night. My family will never know!

If you or anyone you know fits this job description contact Nadia for more information.

Nadia is going places, are you?  How high are your expectations for a PA?  If they are not as high as Nadia’s, why not?

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