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So here we are, almost in June 2017.  How did that happen?  Where did this year go?

We have created a free download for you.  My Week Ahead.  We hope you like it, but more importantly, we really hope you find it useful.

What does My Week Ahead include?

We have created a variety of sections for you to use.  Some will be more useful to some than others but we think you’ll find ways to use this to stay on top of the gamePlan your week ahead

What’s on this week?

A place for your appointments to go.  Who with, where and what you need to do for or take to the meeting?

What are the things I must do this week?

Do you have a DLA form to complete, a Section A of an EHC Plan, a form of any description?  Do you need to re-arrange a meeting?  Schedule a meeting?  Chase up someone?  If not, what other tasks do you need to complete?  They don’t necessarily need to be SEND related, perhaps you need to find a plumber, read that report?  Anything that you absolutely have to do this week goes in here.

Who do I need to ring this week?

Are there calls you need to make?  People you keep meaning to ring but you only know because it’s in your head?  Write it down here.

Who do I need to email this week?

Is there something you keep meaning to email the school about, or the social worker?  Maybe it’s a friend you keep meaning to catch up with?  Write them down here.

What one thing am I going to do for me?

We get so caught up in managing the chaos that we often forget to look out for ourselves.  So what one thing will you do this week for you?   It could be go the beach, have a coffee at Costa with a magazine, meet a friend for coffee, go for a walk, have a long soak while the kids are at school, Skype a friend and have a glass of wine so it feels like a night out, read a book, join the library, listen to a podcast, start a blog, start a journal, meditate.  Anything at all that is just for you.  Not for your kids, not for your partner, not for your pet – just for you!  I know it sounds decadent and perhaps the last thing you want to think about when you are busy but doing a little something for yourself each week will help you cope with everything else on your plate.

What Frog am I going to eat this week?

If you have read the book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracey, this will make sense.  If not, the idea is that the Frog is that one job you keep putting off.  Either you feel it will take hours or perhaps it is an emotional job.  This is your Frog.  If you write down one frog each week and get it done at the earliest moment then, believe me, the relief will be immense.  You will feel motivated to get on with other stuff.  Often we put other things off because we are unconsciously avoiding this one job.  It could be a DLA form.  It could be a call to the CSA.  It could be writing a One Page Profile.  Whatever it is, get in written down.  Also add how you will reward yourself once it’s done.  It could be with a pain au chocolate, a nice coffee, painting your nails, a bike ride.  Whatever works for you.

What are the things I would like to do this week?

Are there a few things you need to do but are not urgent?  Perhaps you keep saying you will plan your weekly food shop/meals?  Or perhaps you want to produce a One Page Profile for your child’s new teacher?  Or perhaps you just keep meaning to organise a coffee/catch up with a friend?  Anything you would like to do this week goes here; things that if they don’t get done won’t make you feel like a failure.

Birthdays/Anniversaries next week

So often, we turn the page in our diary or turn the calendar to the next month and realise that there is a birthday that day!  So here’s a chance to have a quick peek ahead so you have a chance to get the cards or gifts you need.

Prescriptions to go in?

How often do you get to the last dose and then think “oh dear” (or similar) “I forgot to put the prescription in”.  Here’s a place to remind you to check the levels.

Sound like something you may want to use?

It’s simple.  Just click on the image and it will take you to a free pdf download.

We’d love to hear how useful it is or if you have any ideas on how we can make it better.  Just get in touch.

We will be running lots of tips to help you be the Bl00dy Awesome Parents you know you can be.

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Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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