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but-weblogo-150Here at Bringing Us Together, we want people to stay informed, support involvement, share inspiring stories and strengthen the influence that working together can bring.

In order to do this, we have many plans including:

Each week, posting via our blog the unanswered questions from our forums.  You may choose not to join the forums but you can still get involved by looking through the weekly post and letting us know via the blog if you have an answer to help a family member or practitioner.

We will be sharing a Forum of the Fortnight.  This will be a popular forum and some of the questions asked and answered in that forum.

We will be also sharing inspiring stories from family members, practitioners and young people themselves.

We will be sharing the current consultations, surveys and campaigns so you can choose to show support for anything relevant to you.  In addition, we will be sharing the details of any training and events we hear about.

So sign up to receive our blog directly into your inbox (or subscribe to our RSS feed) so you don’t miss a thing.  You can find these in the right hand side bar (under social media links)



Debs Aspland

Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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