The BAPS are back

We loved the BAPS Awards in May this year.  They were so successful – beyond all our expectations, mostly due to the work and commitment from My Family Our Needs.

Thankfully they enjoyed them too so we’re doing it all over again.

BAPS Blogging Awards (#BAPSAwards) 2018

Nominations – Round one:

The first round is now open for nominations.  You can nominate any of your favourite SEND parent bloggers in any of the relevant categories.  Nominations will close on 16 November.

You can vote for your favourite bloggers here


Once the nominations are in, we then ensure the people nominated meet the criteria for the category they are nominated in.  Last year we had people who had been blogging for 4 years nominated in the newcomer category, etc

The two blogs in each category with the most nominations go through to the final round automatically and the other nominated blogs go through to the Judges.  They will choose two further blogs to go through to the final round

Our judges are a selection of parents, bloggers and practitioners.  We ensure that they are not judging any categories they may be nominated in.

Voting – Final Round

On 12 February, the final round goes live with four finalists per category.  Voting is open to everyone so if you are lucky enough to be in finals, this is when you start asking for votes.

Awards Evening 

The finalists are announced live at our Awards Evening on Thursday 17 May 2018.

The awards are held at the Windmill Village Golf Club & Spa in Coventry.  It’s a gorgeous venue.

Our Host

This year we had the very lovely, funny Sally Phillips as our host for the evening.  However, this year Sally is filming so she has had to give apologies and we had to find someone else.  It’s not as simple as finding just any host, we need someone who understands our community a bit.

Gethin Jones headshot

This year, we are delighted to have Gethin Jones joining us for the evening.

For some reason, this news has excited many of the female parent bloggers – we can’t think why?!

Gethin has a nephew with Autism and ADHD.

He has also helped to set up a charity called Nai (Welsh for Nephew) to help raise awareness and money for people with autism.

“All costs are covered by Gethin, so every penny raised goes exactly where it needs to go.”

We’re delighted he can join us to help us celebrate our second BAPS Awards.



Best Newcomer:  The best new blog sharing the reality of life with SEND – the highs and lows with no holds barred. The blog must have been started within the last 12 months to qualify (since 6th October 2016).

Best Microblogger:  Which SEND blogger is shaking things up and bringing something new to the table through the use of Facebook or Instagram to tell their story, rather than a blog?

Blogger Making a Difference:  A blogger who writes to influence change. Who, in their own way, makes a difference but may not actively campaign. They write to raise awareness of issues within the world of SEND that others may not be aware of.

Best Practical Advice for Families:  A blog, organisation, network or group offering practical information to families, this could include blogs that you can’t do without for posts on products and life hacks that get you through daily life. New content must be uploaded at least once a month to qualify.

Most Entertaining Blog:  Sometimes, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. This award is for the blog that makes you laugh the most. Must have a blog and not be a microblogger to qualify.

Most Supportive SEND Blogger:  A special recognition award for a SEND blogger who offers support, either on a practical level (through blogging) or emotional level.

Blog Post that made the Biggest Impact:  This can be any SEND post ever written. The one that made you stop, made you think, made you change the way you felt or the action you were taking. The one that you related to most and made you feel less isolated.

Best Non-Parent Blog Site to Write For:  The SEND site that takes guest posts, is easy to work with, promotes the posts, communicates well with the writers and offers support to parents and parent bloggers.

The voting is over on My Family Our Needs site, so please head over and get nominating.

Frequently Asked Questions

BAPS - Bloody Awesome ParentSCan I bring a friend/partner to the evening?  Can I attend the evening even if I don’t blog?

Yes.  Tickets will be on sale very soon at My Family Our Needs and anyone can attend.  The finalists for each category will receive a complimentary ticket for the event.

How much are tickets and what do they include?

Your ticket (£50 early bird ticket, £60 standard price) includes

  • entry to the Awards Drink Reception,
  • entry to the Awards evening,
  • a 3 course meal with wine,
  • Disco
  • entry to Care Choices Transition event on 17th May (just down the road – different venue to last year) and
  • entry to two workshops for bloggers and parents.

Can I nominate any SEND blogger or do they have to be part of a specific list or group?

Your favourite blogger may not appear on our BAPS bloggers list and they not be a member of any of the blogging groups you know about.  It doesn’t matter.  As long as they are a UK parent blogging about SEND, they can be nominated.

Can I nominate a blogger who is also one of your judges?

Yes.  We ensure that none of our BAPS blogger judges are looking after a category they may be nominated in.  This way, they still have the opportunity to be nominated and voted for.

Are there any bloggers I cannot nominate?

Katie and I are too involved in the organisation and running of this event so we do not accept nominations for ourselves at Bringing Us Together, Chaos in Kent or Havoc in Halifax.

Of course, it would be lovely to be nominated, it’s always nice to know people like your blog but by not accepting them, we can ensure there is no possibility of people questioning any results.

I really hate asking people to nominate or vote for me, any suggestions?

For the ladies, just tell them you have the chance to meet Gethin Jones and they have the ability to help you do that.

Alternatively, promote the nominations by saying you can’t wait to nominate one of your friends.  This puts it in your follower’s view and they could decide to nominate you.

Can I nominate myself?  Can my mum nominate me?  Does it have to be another BAPS blogger who nominates me?

Anyone can nominate you – your mum, your husband, your best mate, even the bloke you randomly start chatting to on the train home.  They do not have to be a BAPS Blogger or a blogger of any description.  The only criteria is that they like your blog.

I don’t have a big social media following yet, is it even worth me trying?

Last year, two of our winners did not have big numbers on their social media.  In fact some people with huge followings didn’t even get nominated.

It’s not about the numbers of people following you, it’s about engagement.  If people read your posts and can relate to you; if you respond to comments & questions, if you make your readers feel as if you care about them, then you have as much chance as any other BAPS Blogger.

Do you have any sponsors this year?  Do you need any more?

We have three great sponsors to date.  Choice Support and Walsingham Support sponsored us last year and offered to do so again this year.

We also have a new sponsor – Potens – this year.  They came to our evening last year and loved it so much they have offered to help out with sponsorship this year.

We would like more sponsors.  If you know of any organisations, or are part of an organisation, who may be interested, please see and share our sponsorship opportunities.

Share your blog:

Many readers of our blog may not know your blog.  We have our BAPS Blogger list, of course, but that won’t tell people which category you belong in.

So here’s your chance to share a link to your blog in the comments below.  Tell us a bit about your blog and the categories you think you fit into.








Debs Aspland

Mum to three great kids, each with a different SEN. Transplanted from the NW to the SE. Co-founder and Director of Bringing Us Together

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4 Responses

  1. Alex Davey says:

    Thanks for giving us this little space to publicise ourselves! I blog at – about life with my son Benjamin, who has severe and complex needs. I feel like the ‘Blogger Making a Difference’ category could have been written for me! I don’t often have the time to actively campaign, but I love to write posts that make my readers aware of just some of the issues surrounding SEND – changing places toilets, supporting children’s hospices, the difficulties of being undiagnosed, the issues surrounding education and social care provision, … Wishing you a great BAPS!

  2. I blog at Our Altered Life (the same name in all of my social media) about a life I never expected with my son Harry who was born with half his face not formed. He also has autism and is non verbal. I write to raise awareness of facial disfigurement, awareness and childhood anxiety that Harrys twin brother experiences. I also want to make a difference 2017and be a ‘go to’ source for new parents facing an altered life. I started blogging in May 2017 and would love to be considered in the newcomer and making a difference categories.

  3. I’m a very new blogger at A Wheelie Great Adventure ( I started my blog to highlight access issues and to put a personal perspective to this for readers who may not understand the barriers that we face. I do this simply by describing our days out, emailing any businesses where we have had problems and then providing updates. I do actively campaign for Changing Places toilets, and at least 20 buildings now have Changing Places toilet facilities due to my efforts over the last few years. I therefore feel that I would fit into both the newcomer award category and the Blogger Making a Difference categories.

  1. January 4, 2021

    […] week was definitely when I announced on Thursday evening in a FB Live chat that our host for the BAPS Awards would be Gethin Jones.  For those who don’t know, we have an annual blogging awards for […]

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