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BAPS Awards - Bringing Us Together

Looking for updates on our BAPS Awards then you’ve come to the right place.

All our posts about the BAPS Blogging Awards, including nominations, finalists, winners and the actual event can be found here.

As can our posts about our BAPS of the Month Award for non-blogging BAPS.

If you want to book a ticket for our actual BAPS Awards evening (and believe us when we say this is an evening you do not want to miss), head over to our lovely partners at My Family Our Needs.

BAPS Awards - Bringing Us TogetherBAPS Awards

BAPs of the Month – April
The year is flying by – how did we get to May already?  Who was the winner of our BAPS
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BAPS of Month - Sponsors
BAPS of the Month – March
We know it’s mid April but the Easter break is never a good time to announce a win.  We wanted
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BUT BAPS of the Month
BAPS of the Month – February winner
In January, 2018 we launched a new award.  The BAPS of the Month Award.  For those who don’t already know:
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BAPS Finalists 2018
BAPS Blogging Awards 2018 – Finalists announced today
Yes!  The day has arrived. BAPS 2018 Finalists Today, around lunchtime, the lovely people at My Family Our Needs will
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BUT BAPS of the Month
BAPS of the Month – January winner!
Last month, we launched a new award.  The BAPS of the Month Award.  For those who missed it, BAPS =
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BAPS Nominations - Supportive Blogger
BAPS Nominations – Supportive Blogger
Today we are sharing all those bloggers who have been nominated for being supportive. Supportive:  providing encouragement or emotional help.
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BAPS Nominations - Practical Advice
BAPS Nominations – Practical Advice
Today we are sharing the blogs that readers nominated for offering the best practical advice. When we think of bloggers,
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BAPS Nominations - Best Micro Blogger
BAPS Nominations – Microblogger
What is a Microblogger?  For us, it was defined as someone who uses a Facebook page or Instagram account more
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BAPS Nominations - most entertaining
BAPS Nominations – Most Entertaining
To Entertain: To provide (someone) with amusement or enjoyment. We asked you to nominate the blog that entertains you the
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