Junk the Jargon

As we were reading an article today – all about over used, annoying phrases in the work place, we got to thinking about over used and annoying phrases used in meetings and correspondence.

So often, jargon is used by force of habit but it can make people feel very inadequate and inferior.  I know when I first landed in the SEND Arena, I heard so many new phrases – all of which left me feeling very out of my depth – and as the trip continues, I hear more every day.

So let’s Junk the Jargon.

We are suggesting that parents and practitioners have “Junk the Jargon” boxes in their offices and in meetings.  

Whenever jargon is used, a donation must be made to the pot.

The funds can then be passed to a good cause (such as Bringing Us Together – well if you don’t ask, you don’t get) or it can even just be used to buy you a coffee or a magazine.

This could be a really fun and useful way of Junking the Jargon that we all find so tiresome.

Who’s in?  If you use twitter, please use #junkthejargon and spread the word.  We’d also love to hear of your examples of Jargon, no need to name and shame, just share your examples.

Let’s Bring Us Together in a fun but productive way.