Stronger Together – What Good Looks and Feel Like

Back in October 2018, a group of parents and providers from all over the country came together in Peterborough to talk about their experiences. They looked in detail at the different perspectives of families and providers, the different issues faced by both and what had worked well but was not necessarily happening everywhere.

In March 2019, a sub-group of these parents and providers came together in Manchester to look in more detail at what parents wanted, and what providers could provide, for their children, young people and adults in the community.

Since then we have been working collaboratively on, “What Good Looks Like and Feels Like” when support providers and families work together.

We have been sharing our experiences of what works and what doesn’t when families and providers try to work together to get support right for people. 

We have drafted some of our ideas to share with you here

So far our work has been focused on how families are supported, listened to and respected as equal partners alongside provider organisations.

We would like to open up our discussions to a wider group of people and give you the opportunity to share your ideas and experience. Once you have read the document please share it with others in your organisation or family networks, other advocates and of course people who are autistic and/or have learning difficulties.

Please join the conversation. To share your thoughts and ideas follow the link here.  We’ll share what we learn with everyone who takes part later this year.