Training and Consultancy

Bringing Us Together offer a variety of training, focus groups and consultancy – both for families and practitioners.

For Families & Parent Groups

EHC Pans - for parents - Bringing Us TogetherEducation – EHC Plans

Using the thinking behind person centred tools, as a method for building confidence with EHC Plans. Empowering parents to work collaboratively with professionals by taking the lead on what information is important to have in an EHC plan.


Working with the School - Bringing Us Together

Education – Working with the School

Working with the school can seem like a daunting task, let’s share some different strategies on get your relationship with the school working well.


Education - who does whatEducation – who does what?

There is a lot of confusion around who is responsible for certain aspects of your child’s education.  Is it the Local Authority or is the school.  Let’s break it down so you know who does what.


GPS - Giving Parents Spirit - Bringing Us TogetherParents – Giving Parents Spirit

Looking at a variety of ways for families to improve their resilience.  We all need to be able to bounce back, let us share some top tips with you.


Person Centred Thinking - Bringing Us togetherParents – Using Person centred thinking

Lots of people talk about doing things in a person centred way; but what does it actually mean and how do you use it?  Let us introduce you to the pleasure of person centred thinking and practice.


Paperwork - getting organisedParents – Ten Steps to Me Time

Paperwork is a burden we all have to carry.  Let’s look at ten simple steps to get it under control so you can spend some time on you, not looking for that elusive appointment letter.


Long Winding Road - Bringing Us together

Parents – The Long & Winding Road

A two part person centred course for families with young disabled children. Where we are today, where we have come from and where we are heading.  Building resilience and communities. A positive look at disability using person centred thinking.


Running a successful Parent Group - Bringing Us Together Groups – Running a Parent Group

Running a parent group can bring many challenges. Let us go through some basic strategies to help you avoid these challenges (or know how to handle them before they happen).


Transforming Care - Bringing Us TogetherGroups – Transforming Care

Our Associate team have worked closely with NHS England and others responsible for Transforming Care for over 2 years. They have a range of skills to help Parent forums and other groups engage with their local Transforming Care Partnerships to help them deliver a programme that engages with families and delivers on the outcomes set out in their plans.  For more details, please click here

For Practitioners

Meeting Expectations - Bringing Us TogetherMeeting Expectations.  

A series of workshops for managers and staff for care homes, domiciliary care providers that aims to change hearts and minds. Delivered in a person centred positive way with humour and insight into the new generation of young disabled people with complex needs.

Families who challenge - Bringing Us togetherHow to work with parents who challenge

A one day course:  Understand why parents challenge and look at different ways in which to improve your working relationship with families.  With the introduction of the Children and Families Act, there is a lot more focus on working with families so let us show you how you can move towards this.

Transforming Care - Bringing Us TogetherTransforming Care

Our Associate team have worked closely with NHS England and others responsible for Transforming Care for over 2 years. During that time we have become experts in the field with a team who have a range of skills to help Transforming Care Partnerships deliver locally a programme that engages with families and delivers on the outcomes set out in their plans.  We can offer a bespoke programme to meet the needs of individual Transforming Care Partnerships.  For more details, please click here.


What is Respect - Bringing Us Together

RESPECT – what does it mean?

It’s something lots of parents and practitioners ask for, but what do we actually mean?  Let’s break Respect down into 8 simple steps.  None of which are difficult to achieve, even with limited budgets



Focs Groups = Bringing Us TogetherFocus Groups

We offer focus groups for providers, Local Authorities and other organisations hoping to find the views of families in a relaxed informal way.  These groups can be run as face to face groups, or we also offer the chance to reach parents via social media Live Chats.

We can also offer a number of bespoke training packages.  If you don’t see what you want on our list, please get in touch and we are confident we will be able to help.

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