11 Steps to Success – Step 4

In our last post, we looked at Steps 1 to 3 of the 11 Steps to Success by Alan Wilson

Step 1 – Preparation

Step 2 – What are you good at?

Step 3 – What is good in your life right now.

Today we are looking at Step 4.

Step 4 – The Wheel of Life

This Wheel of Life exercise will help you to put some priorities in order and also to look closely at your life at the moment.

In the centre section of the wheel below write the eight areas of your life that are  most important to you. For example money, health and vitality, physical environment, family,children, friends, partner, fun and recreation, personal development/growth, quality time children/partner, emotional well being, social life, spiritual life etc. If you need to you can add more segments.

Can you think of three more areas specifically for you?

Give each section a score of between 1-10 as to how you feel about that part of your life right now. For instance 1 is the lowest and might be rated ‘catastrophic’ and 10 is the highest and might be rated ‘fantastic’.

For example:

Business – 6 Money – 2 Family – 5 Partner – 1

Health – 6 Fun – 3 Personal development – 8 Spiritual – 8

In the middle section of the wheel write one thing that would greatly enhance this particular area. Think about what would make it a 10 or if you’ve got a score of 10 already, what would make it even better!

For example:

Family – arrange more regular meetings

Health – do more regular exercises

In the outer section of the wheel write one thing that you could  do right now that would improve this area of your life.

For example:

Family – invite them for Christmas dinner

Health – join a health club

Here’s an example of a Wheel of Life


Your Wheel of Life


So, give it a go.  You may be surprised at some of the results.

In our next few posts, we will be looking at the next steps.  We are breaking them down so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with the exercises and think “I haven’t got time for that”.  Hopefully, having the exercises and steps broken down will make them seem less of a task and more of a fun thing to try.

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