What if … the money was controlled by the people using the service?

What if?  

A question we ask many times.

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2 Responses

  1. Danny says:

    This is a disgrace and MUST be stopped. The Consultation by the Department of Health highlights this draconian step taken by Local Authorities and I urge Families {as I have done} to send in their suggestions for the NEW LAW for Parliament on Family Rights and People with Learning Disabilities/Autism and other Mental Illness.
    Here are my thoughts:

    1- For far too long Local Authorities, Cafcass, the Official Solicitors, Indpendent SW’s, NHS Staff and the Family Courts Judges has all colluded and ignored people with Learning Disabilities/Autism/Mental Illness and remove them from their loving Families whereby breaching their ‘Respect and Right to a Family Life’ whilst covering it up cleverly.

    2- NHS Commissioners, LAs’ needs to be more impartial in the person’s Best Interests and not collude to suit the LAs’ desires whereby breaching the vulnerable person and his/her Family’s Human Rights. There must be a robust Body to oversee that both the NHS and LAs’ meet the needs of people with Learning Disabilities/Autism and other Mental Illnesses.

    3- The very first question is “Why isn’t Caring in the Family Home being considered as the first option”? In my view, the Family Court System {which is secretive} needs to reformed with more Family involvement and made Law especially when the Family can provide far profound better Care than Hospitals and Care Homes. I make reservations for people who has No Family. The present System is based on removing them at all cost. Honest doctors, Family and the detained person should know when they should be returned home. That is where love exists and the cost will be far less for the LA and the NHS.

    4- One-to-one Family Caring {as in my son’s case} is far better for these vulnerable people. My son was healthier, happier, well-behaved and safer when living with us. When I saw how sub-standard the LAs’ Care was and I complained, I was banned from going to the Home, my son turned against us and told to call the Police to arrest me and all contact cruelly stopped. This cannot be proper Law in any Democratic Society while they just continue with same low level of care.

  2. Jane Spencer says:

    I write in response to the question, what if the money was controlled by the people using the service? The care act which has made a lot of changes to policies and procedures within social care promises to offer
    individuals more choice and control in how their care and support is provided. Everyone will have a personal
    budget, this is the amount of money the authority estimates that it will cost to provide care and support to
    meet your assessed needs. You can request to receive this money as a direct payment to enable you to choose
    your own care provider. That sounds good in theory but in reality you have no real choice, the authority control the money and are able to stop the payment if they think that your care provider is not meeting
    outcomes. These are goals to make improvements to your health and fitness, access to education/work
    making use of facilities in community eg public transport, recreational activities.If they decide that some
    time in the future that your needs have changed, they can move you to a care home as they are of the
    opinion that they know better than you or your family what is best for you.

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